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  • Vintage Fish Wall Art - Set of 4Vintage Fish Wall Art – Set of 4
    Today I have remastered and labeled a set of 4 vintage fish illustrations.  These images were found in the New York Public Library archives and were drawn by John Edwards Holbrook in 1860.  All of these fish are native to South Carolina. You can see the original shape these photos were in here.  I removed the dusty background, sharpened the images, and labeled them with each fish’s scientific name. I’m really excited to have this wall art in our new home.  I love to combine vintage pieces with fresh paint and new furniture.  Having antiques and old items in the house help balance the design and bring everything together. Click photos to download. […]
  • Somedays I am the flower, somedays I am the rainSomedays I am the flower, somedays I am the rain &…
    “Somedays I am the flower, somedays I am the rain.” – Pavana Somedays I am helping others grow, and somedays it is I who am growing.  I wish I could tell you I have it all figured out, but everyday I’m still experiencing things for the first time.  Even when it comes to raising my sons, there are so many things I am just learning. I remember one day the school called me and said “Jonah is acting up, what do you want us to do?”  All I thought was, “I have no clue, why don’t you tell me?”  I am never prepared for what is next with those two, and I end up being one of those mothers who Google everything like “Why is my child suddenly blinking so much.” This is my first time being a mother and because my one and two year old are so close in age, I never really had a learning period.  I’m doing everything I can to raise them right, but I’m not completely sure what “right” is supposed to be. Click […]
  • Minimalist Woman Artwork
    Today’s free printable wall art is harder for me to share.  This Minimalist Woman Artwork is one of my personal sketches. I remember my freshman year of high school, my art teacher gave me a C because my art was “too messy.”  I tried and tried my hardest for the entire year and my projects kept coming back with “average” grades.  I couldn’t understand how someone could judge me so harshly on something so unmeasurable.  After that year in basic art I changed my elective and never took and art class again. What makes art good? Is there a right and a wrong? Now if that teacher could see me today what would she say? I’m a professional designer and still to this day I’m sometimes afraid of how others will judge my work. I believe there is no standard for art and what we hate someone else may find beautiful. Click Photo to Download. […]