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Stressed is Desserts Quote Wall Art

Stressed is Desserts Quote Wall Art

Stressed is desserts spelled backwards. Today’s freebie is wall art to make you smile. Hang this free print on your fridge, wall, or wherever you can see it daily.

I know most of you already know this, but being a mom is exhausting and it only gets more tiring the older they get.  I always hear new moms complain about how tired they are with a newborn baby.  I agree, a newborn is tiring, but wait until they’re a toddler.  At least when they’re a baby, you get naps.  Once they start moving everything changes.  That sweet little baby is now running around breaking piggy banks in toy stores (speaking from experience) and being an emotional wreck.  Just when you think you have them calm, the slightest movement can set them off.

We are now entering the terrible twos and I’m starting to figure out the art of distraction.  FOOD SOLVES EVERYTHING.  If my toddler is eating something he is perfectly happy.  We now give him food while shopping, at the hospital, in the car, and even bring food into the grocery store.

If you are feeling stressed: take a break, eat some cake, and give your kid a bite. Remember, they are only little once.


stressed is desserts spelled backwardsstressed is desserts spelled backwards

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